Who We Are

Q&Co was established by Courtney Queripel, whose background and education in art and architectural history has always fueled a careful and informed approach to any space she has designed.

Courtney is American born and bred, and has spent almost half her life outside of the United States, always pursuing a better understanding of the origins and development of styles and how spaces and places make us feel about ourselves and our place in the world.

A career in academia was what she thought was her calling her name until an opportunity to work in London for Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler came along. Founded in the 1930s, Colefax & Fowler is one of the longest established interior design and decorating firms in Great Britain. This experience was the foundation and facilitator for working for several other interior designers and textile designers within London. Along the way, Courtney met and married Matthew who is from South Africa, and together they renovated a few properties while Courtney began to set up her own practice. Their family home was essentially a showroom for Courtney’s design work. This all was happening while growing their family to include three children and a Jack Russell Terrier, who goes everywhere with Courtney!

The family relocated to the United States on Christmas Eve 2019, which was not an impulsive move by any means. Rather, it has provided Courtney and her family to continue their careers and education with a fresh perspective. And the change has presented each of them with opportunities to bring their experiences from other parts of the world to their daily circumstances, experiences and relationships. Each member of the family has embraced the lifestyle changes which living and working in Virginia provides. Courtney has been applying inspiration of where they have come from (e.g. South Africa, England, the United States) to her work. Nothing has changed in her holistic approach to design and creative ways of thinking outside the box. A richer layering of worldly experience has brought Q&Co to where it is today.