Office, London


Office, London

The client’s design brief started with a rather surprising statement: “You can do whatever you want. I trust you.” Q&Co was not expecting to be given free reign and yet without taking advantage of that, honed in quickly on the client’s needs and presented a lively design and décor scheme in an efficient manner. The only requirements were that there were to be two smaller, more private areas within the open-plan office, and that the desks and workstations be grouped as one large team, so to inspire a spirit of comradery amongst staff. We created a glass-enclosed space at the entrance which functions as both a reception area for visitors as well as a more isolated zone for small, informal meetings. Bright colors in the upholstery help to stimulate creative thinking by creating a sense of energy about the space. Shortly after installation, the company logo was printed on the glass panels to inspire company pride.  We designed a second glass-enclosed space on the other end of the office with barstools for employees to enjoy lunch and a well-deserved break from their desks.

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