Pet Photography Studio, Williamsburg

Photography Studio

Pet Photography Studio

Capturing our client’s vision for a calm environment where the artwork on the walls speaks for itself was crucial to making this design build project a success. In order to understand what our client wanted the experience within the studio to be, we listened and watched countless pet parents walk through the doors of our client’s first studio in Norfolk, Virginia so that we could better understand how to plan and construct the space in Williamsburg from the ground up.

Starting with a blank slate, we worked with the architect and contractor to bring about a spatial layout which flows perfectly and accommodates both pets and their owners, ensuring both are comfortable within the building. No stone was left unturned: important details like washable rugs (accidents happen!), hooks for dogs’ leashes, photography prop aids and pet-proportioned furniture, and an art preparation area, were all accounted for. The best part was that Q&Co was able to test out the client experience with our own four-legged assistant!

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Photo studio framework preparation Pet Photo Studio After

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